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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

Related questions:

* Have you ever seen PiL in a bookstore shelf?
Can't say I have, but I haven't been to bookstores that often lately.

* How much does that matter to real sales?
Unless someone has already heard of Lua before they see the book, I doubt that they would buy it. Although if you mention right on the cover that Lua was used in WoW and other games, you might get a few hyperactive teenagers to buy it. ;)

* Are technical books sold mainly online?
Well, I've always bought my tech books online (usually cheaper, and I know that hunderds of people haven't been flipping through my copy). I will tell you that I bought PiL 1st edition because it was completely and freely available online, and I found myself reading sections through it so much I just went ahead and bought it (I hate reading verbose text on a computer screen. Paper is so much easier on the eyes).

* How much the publisher actions impact a book sales?

* How much the publisher's name impact a book sales?
In the end, all that I care about is that word-of-mouth about the book (like on is mostly positive and it covers material I need to know.

- Tyler