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Hi Alex, hi all.

I was thinking that that can be the case.

Well, my expat is installed from debian, so it's stripped.

But, I run the nm in the generated lib in /usr/local/lib/lua/5.0

Just look a excertp fron the exit:
00003640 r validkeys.2751
         U XML_ErrorString
         U XML_ExternalEntityParserCreate
         U XML_GetBase
         U XML_GetCurrentByteIndex
         U XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber
         U XML_GetCurrentLineNumber
         U XML_GetErrorCode
         U XML_GetSpecifiedAttributeCount
         U XML_Parse
         U XML_ParserCreate
         U XML_ParserCreateNS
         U XML_ParserFree
         U XML_SetBase
         U XML_SetCdataSectionHandler
         U XML_SetCharacterDataHandler
         U XML_SetCommentHandler
         U XML_SetDefaultHandler
         U XML_SetDefaultHandlerExpand
         U XML_SetElementHandler
         U XML_SetEncoding
         U XML_SetExternalEntityRefHandler
         U XML_SetNamespaceDeclHandler
         U XML_SetNotationDeclHandler
         U XML_SetNotStandaloneHandler
         U XML_SetProcessingInstructionHandler
         U XML_SetUnparsedEntityDeclHandler
         U XML_SetUserData

I have expat.h in /usr/include (from Debian).

That is the makefile that I'm using:

---Cut here -----

T= lxp
V= 1.0.1

# Installation directories
# System's libraries directory (where binary libraries are installed)
LUA_LIBDIR= /usr/local/lib/lua/5.0
# System's lua directory (where Lua libraries are installed)
LUA_DIR= /usr/local/share/lua/5.0
# Lua includes directory
LUA_INC= /usr/include/lua50
# Expat includes directory
EXPAT_INC= /usr/include

# OS dependent
LIB_OPTION= -shared #for Linux
#LIB_OPTION= -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup #for MacOS X

LIBNAME= lib$T-$
COMPAT_DIR= ../compat/src

# Compilation parameters
# On FreeBSD systems, the following line should be commented
DLLIB= -ldl
#LUA_LIBS= -llua50 -lm
CWARNS = -Wall -pedantic \
        -Waggregate-return \
        -Wcast-align \
        -Wmissing-prototypes \
        -Wstrict-prototypes \
        -Wnested-externs \
        -Wpointer-arith \
        -Wshadow \

CFLAGS = $(CONFIG) $(CWARNS) -ansi -O2 -I$(LUA_INC) \
CC = gcc

lib: src/$(LIBNAME)

src/$(LIBNAME) : src/lxplib.o $(COMPAT_DIR)/compat-5.1.o
    $(CC) -o src/$(LIBNAME) $(LIB_OPTION) src/lxplib.o $(COMPAT_DIR)/compat-5.1.o

$(COMPAT_DIR)/compat-5.1.o: $(COMPAT_DIR)/compat-5.1.c
    $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $(COMPAT_DIR)/compat-5.1.c

    mkdir -p $(LUA_LIBDIR)
    cp src/$(LIBNAME) $(LUA_LIBDIR)
    ln -f -s $(LUA_LIBDIR)/$(LIBNAME) $(LUA_LIBDIR)/$
    mkdir -p $(LUA_DIR)/$T
    cp src/$T/lom.lua $(LUA_DIR)/$T

    rm -f src/$(LIBNAME) src/lxplib.o $(COMPAT_DIR)/compat-5.1.o

# $Id: makefile,v 1.28 2005/06/06 20:25:23 tomas Exp $

---Cut here -----

I don't know where is my error :(

(Well, I don't usually compile my libs too :( )

Thanks on advance!

- Walter