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Hello all,

Just joined the list in hope of getting a better understanding of how to add
Lua scripting to my open-source C# game development kit project:

Most of it works fine, I've got the WinForms example up and running, and
have succeeded in my first simple attempts to control the game engine.
However, I have a problem with one of my imported types.

I import two types, which are very similar in their design. One of them
works, the other doesn't, and I just can't understand why.

EPointF = luanet.import_type("Endogine.EPointF");
ERectangleF = luanet.import_type("Endogine.ERectangleF");

rct = ERectangleF(0,0, 1,1)
rct.X = 2

pt = EPoint(1,1)
pt.X = 1 --This fails! =nil!

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!