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I've managed to break something and I'm not too sure what :)

The current symptoms is that ipairs doesnt work (pairs works just fine) this is after an upgrade to the latest 5.1 alpha from 5.0.2 stable. I'm narrowing it down but its currently just in one script file, any ipairs loop there will repeat for ever.

It seems to be coming into the ipairs iterator function with a zero index each time so it gets stuck in an infinite loop.

I realize this will be my fault and no doubt due to something silly somewhere trashing memory. I'm just curious about hints for breakpointing the lua c code so you can get an idea as to whats going on. Of course I also have the mild hope that someone else will recognize the symptom.

At this point its stuck in a tight loop ( for i,v in ipairs(table) end ), and not coming back into my code so it has to be something global thats been hit.

Is there a reasonable place to have a c breakpoint where you get interesting and useful numbers about what the lua script is up too? Trying to step through the c code and get a feel for what lua is doing is a skill I have yet to acquire.


Kriss -><-