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Nick Trout wrote:
AFAIK tolua is discontinued, you have to use tolua++. You can find an example of use here: . You might also want to look at LuaBind. This will be slightly more complicated to set up (templates a la Boost.Python style). Or, if you are only binding a few functions/objects I'd suggest doing it by hand as it's a lot less hassle.
In summary: For a large, established API auto generate binding with tolua++. For smaller API: bind by hand with LuaBind or Lua C API.


And swig....

I use the auto generate binding, it is good. Specifically the latest version:


-----Original Message-----
From: [mailto:lua-] On Behalf Of Jose Marin
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 4:46 AM
Subject: [OT] Are you using tolua or tolua++?


This week I'll start working on a commercial product,
and need a binding tool for Lua.

I would like to know what binding system are you

I'm between tolua and tolua++.

Which one is more stable/fast/reliable?

I know this question was asked several times, but a
new version of tolua++ arrived, and I would like to
know if someone has some good experience with that.

I will need simple functions and class bindings,
nothing very complex.

Has someone some suggestion?



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