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I found luabind very useful and convenient. Much more than tolua (no
offense). You don?t have to make any extra programming effort (other than
the binding calls ofcourse), something which you have to do for tolua. I
would highly recommend it.

Zulfiqar Inayat Malik

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[] On Behalf Of Jose Marin
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 4:46 PM
Subject: [OT] Are you using tolua or tolua++?


This week I'll start working on a commercial product, 
and need a binding tool for Lua.

I would like to know what binding system are you

I'm between tolua and tolua++.

Which one is more stable/fast/reliable?

I know this question was asked several times, but a
new version of tolua++ arrived, and I would like to
know if someone has some good experience with that.

I will need simple functions and class bindings,
nothing very complex.

Has someone some suggestion?




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