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This looks very similar to code that I had found to create assertions and crashes.  Have you applied the patch for this problem?  It's available at, Lua 5.0.2 bug #3.  After the patch, the assertion may still be triggered, but no crashes should occur.  This bug was discussed earlier in this mailing list.  See for details.

On 10/13/05, Martin Stone <> wrote:
I am getting the following assertion in Lua 5.0.2:

Assertion failed: !iscollectable(o2) || (ttype(o2) ==
file ...\lua-5.0.2\src\lfunc.c, line 69

This is triggered by garbage-collecting an unfinished coroutine
containing a function referencing a local in the containing scope.

It's taken me a while to trim my test code down to that below, but now
I'm stuck.  Additionally: if I don't yield it's OK; if t is global it's
OK; and if I don't reference t inside func() it's OK.  If I compile Lua
without assertions, this example survives, but in my real application, I
get access violations later on.



#include "lua.h"
#include "lualib.h"
#include "lauxlib.h"

int main() {

    lua_State* L = lua_open();

        " coroutine.wrap(function()"
        "  local t={}; "
        "  local func=function() print(type(t)) end; "
        "  func(); "
        "  coroutine.yield()"

    lua_setgcthreshold(L, 0); // assert happens in here

    return 0;