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I would like to implement _javascript_ over Lua.  This
will be the full ECMA-262 specification with the
ECMA-357 E4X XML entension.  Rather than create a
traditional interpreter I will to use Lua to create a
domain specific language (DSL) if that is possible.

Not too many people know about Digital Mars implementation, so I figured I'd let you know, it may help in your endeavor somehow.

" DMDScript is Digital Mars' implementation of the ECMA 262 scripting language. Netscape's implementation is called _javascript_, Microsoft's implementation is called JScript. DMDScript is much faster than other implementations, which you can verify with the included benchmark.

DMDScript is implemented in the D Programming Language. (A C++ implementation is also available.)"

Also it is possible to implement dynamic languages using the .NET runtime.  ( , so along with Parrot, that could be another option for you if you change your mind about using Lua.