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Rici Lake wrote:
> The vocabulary comes from a really interesting paper by Olin Shivers
> (

That is indeed an interesting read.

> There are only two constructs:
> for <table or numeric specification> do <body> end
> and
> do <body> end
> <iteration-control> ::= ( 'unless' | 'until' | 'when' | 'while' )...

Thank you for sharing your patch. I like it, though I think some of the
iteration controls are hard to read - especially the ones that perform a
'continue' operation. With time I'm sure I would grow more comfortable
with them. I'd prefer 'break when' and 'continue when'. The 'when'
keyword could then be used to support a 'case' statement implementation.
And now we're off on another grand exploration!

I have downloaded your patch but I do not think I will be trying it
anytime soon. I haven't even installed 5.1 yet. That might happen soon
now that a feature freeze seems to be in the works.


Doug Rogers - ICI - V:703.893.2007x220