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> We could write modules like this:

>   in module(modname) do
>     ...
>   end

Absolutely!  What I liked about the idea is that a function environment
becomes "just" an upvalue.  If you change the environment (as in the
"setfenv" example of Rici) it simultaneously changes the environment
of all functions in a module.  I wouldn't mind getting rid of
(s/g)etfenv, especially on stack levels.  (That would also make the
environment "private", i.e. more protected.)

Maybe loadfile (and loadstring) would need an extra (optional)
environment argument such that

    loadfile(f, name, env)  -- or loadfile(f, env [,name]) ?

would basically do

    in env do
      -- chunk in file "f" goes here

Mark suggested something similar I believe?  Then both modules and
"sandboxing" are covered, two of the main applications for