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William Trenker wrote:
> Great work, Mike!  Do you have any plans for other targets?

Quote from the "Features" page:

  I plan to support other CPUs when the LuaJIT core infrastructure
  has stabilized a bit more. The most likely candidates are x64
  (aka x86_64, AMD64, EM64T), PPC (32/64 bit) and ARM.

There are still some options for x86 that could be explored.
In particular SSE2 (the scalar FP part). But I only have a PIII
(which supports only SSE), so I really can't try.

> Are you open to suggestions? Can we take a poll?

Quoting again:

  Support for other architectures will be added based on demand
  and/or sponsorship.

So yes, I'd love to hear suggestions. Of course this doesn't
mean it'll happen right away.

For one I will need permanent access to a machine (ownership)
plus a (non-NDA'd) development environment (cross or native).
Otherwise I really can't continuously support the target.

And then ... I am self-employed. So yes, I can be 'bribed'
with money. If you are a big company and want me to support
your favourite CPU: please contact me by e-mail.

The result has to be available as open source (i.e. I can't
sign any NDAs). I will keep all requests/negotiations
confidential of course.

[And no, I won't take money from users. Please consider
donating to the Lua project instead.]

> I vote for embedded targets,
> specifically Mipsel linux-based devices.

I guess I need to make a voting form ... for CPU/OS and
the desired type of lua_Number on that platform. Well,
maybe next month.

> On another note, you've worked a lot with Lua 5.1 which is now heading
> towards release.  How comfortable do you feel commiting production
> code to 5.1 at this point?  Just curious for an expert opinion.

There cannot be a single answer because it depends on what
you are doing and how critical your production environment is.

The new GC is the most critical point that has been changed
between 5.0 and 5.1. I think it should be pretty stable by now.

I'd say -- give it a spin.