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Boyko Bantchev wrote:

On 8/30/05, Rici Lake <> wrote:

DO(i, 0, 9,
   int j, k;
   j = 2 * i;
   k = i + 1;
   printf("i = %d, j = %d, k = %d\n", i, j, k);

Sure, can't use commas here.  Everything has its limitations,
and perfection is but a mirage :)
In this case, I'd have to write   int j; int k;  instead.

I have a long term # addiction and ISTR you can put all that function stuff inside brackets in the macro call and the comma problem goes away. Well I remember using () before, I guess {} will work too :)

Anyway using the preprocessor is cheating and analogous to using loadstring(). I mean its not unreasonable to treat an entire lua file as just building a string which is then called at the end to do all the things that a "normal" lua file would do. Which gives you far more power than the C preprocessor.


Kriss -><-