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El 30/08/2005, a las 18:51, Philippe Lhoste escribió:

Rici Lake wrote:

if (a < 0) { ... } else if (a > 0) { ... } else { ... }
if a < 0 then ... elseif a > 0 then ... else ... end
Advantage: Lua, 3 fewer keystrokes
And in both cases, the Lua was much easier to type; far fewer uses of the shift key.

Or the Alt Gr key, which is even more inconvenient, for those of us with non Qwerty keyboards. To have accented char handy, at places familiar to former typewriter users, most of the C special chars (ie. ~#{[|\^]} plus ` and @) are accessible only with this special key (equivalent to Ctrl +Alt).

The AltGr inconvenience is found even in some Qwerty keyboards layouts. Our spanish keyboards (those with the funny "ñ") are a good example as you also need AltGr in order to type ~#{[|\^]}`@ ...

Adrian Perez
GPUL/CLUG member »
Por los puntos #20 y #54.

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