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--- Tomas <> a écrit :

>  	Hi,
> > I don't know if apache need to be run when I compile kepler ?
>  	It doesn't matter.
> > Please see my attached config file for missconfigured paths or things
>  	The error is here:
> # Lua Binary converter (bin2c)
> # Lua distribution includes it at etc directory
> #BIN2C= /usr/local/bin/bin2c50
> BIN2C= /usr/local/lua-5.0.2/bin/tolua
>  	`bin2c' is not `tolua'!  We recommend you download LuaBinaries
> and install it (instead of using the original Lua distribution) before
> making or installing Kepler.  Of course you can use Lua distribution, but
> you'll have to configure it also.  In case you prefer to compile Lua from
> source, remember to compile and install `bin2c' which is at etc/ directory.
>  	Hope this helps, but fell free to ask anything (you could
> post to this list, to or directly to me).
>  		Tomas

Hi Tomas,

Many thanks it works great now. I'm able to play some test with xavante now 

Indeed, I was wrong about bin2c. I compiled the bin2c binary from lua/etc/ directory as you said. 

I'll not hesitate to post some feedback. I like lua and would like to thank all people who
continue to develop it and many thanks again to kepler team and to all people who contribute...



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