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I don't know if apache need to be run when I compile kepler ?
	It doesn't matter.

Please see my attached config file for missconfigured paths or things
	The error is here:

# Lua Binary converter (bin2c)
# Lua distribution includes it at etc directory
#BIN2C= /usr/local/bin/bin2c50
BIN2C= /usr/local/lua-5.0.2/bin/tolua

	`bin2c' is not `tolua'!  We recommend you download LuaBinaries
and install it (instead of using the original Lua distribution) before
making or installing Kepler.  Of course you can use Lua distribution, but
you'll have to configure it also.  In case you prefer to compile Lua from
source, remember to compile and install `bin2c' which is at etc/ directory.

	Hope this helps, but fell free to ask anything (you could
post to this list, to or directly to me).