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Just some words to present ourselves to this list community.

We are new users of Lua (5.0.2) and are considering and already experimenting using it in a quite complex application as an extension language and also as a script language inside html documents which can be served by the http server embedded in that application. The main application is written in C++. We of course had no problems to interface using the C-API of Lua. The State mechanism has been very welcomed by our dev team, as it allows us to host multiple Lua execution units in a single OS thread or in different OS threads, something very badly thought-out by some other scripting languages which we considered before.

We find Lua simple, yet very powerfull and the degree of integration between Lua and the host application allowed by the API is incredible and opens up worlds of opportunities.

We will undoubtly have questions.
We have already ordered some printed copies of the book "Programming with Lua" and are pleased to see that we can also read it online. But besides the Book and the Manual, is this list adequate for discussing questions from beginners users like us or is there a more suitable discussion group for day to day useage of Lua ?

Thank you,

Olivier Mascia