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At 07:41 23/8/2005, Vijay Aswadhati wrote:
[ IUP is in C, is small and powerful. We have a small but very active team and
we have the support of the Tecgraf applications. Our objective is always to try to suppress the Tecgraf needs, keeping backward compatibility and improving the

should perhaps be 'surpass' instead of 'suppress'.

   Much better. Thanks.

1) It is not clear reading the documentation whether new developers should
choose LED or Lua for the GUI description. Is there a bias one way or the
other. Will LED remain alive for as long as IUP is? Or are there any plans to
drop it going forward?

The idea is new applications use always C or Lua. But We can't drop LED support because of old applications.

2) For VC6 iuplua5 project the source files are marked as being generated
automatically. What program is generating these files? Not toLua I hope.

  Lua of course! :)     I mean "just" Lua.

We build scripts in Lua describing each control interface that will generate a source file in C. See files "config.mak" and "generator.lua".

3) Considering IUP's license, design philosophy and foot print, I think IUP
deserves a greater mindshare in the Lua community. I am going to stop looking
for the holy grail of GUI binding to go with Lua and instead focuse on using
IUP and if/whenever possible contribute to its success.

  Thanks for choosing IUP.

We hope that in about a month there will be a new version 2.4 with bug fixes, and by the end of the year/begining of next year a version 3.0 with a new internal driver organization and hopefully a GTK+ 2 binding for Linux.

4) Someday I wish IUP becomes a Tcl-free-Tk option for all other scripting
languages that currently bind to to Tk[implicitly Tcl].

You mean IUP for Tcl, Perl or Python? Well this is not in our plans. Maybe someone is interested in building this in the future, but we have plans to focus in Lua.