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What is Ron fix?
My luathread.c is just same as the one from your site.
if there is any patch, tell me where.

Your example works here, that's why I am asking. But it doesn't work
with Ron's fix. Will look more into it.

b. luasocket does not work under multi threading.

This is true of some functions. As a rule of thumb, any function that
does domain name resolution should be protected by a mutex. That
includes the connect function used by http.request. It also includes
toip, tohostname, getpeername, getsockname etc. Also, you should have
just on thread doing I/O on each socket object.

Maybe this is the cause.
But, this is too big issue.
Multi threading http/ftp... stuff would be very desired feature.
Any solution?

For functions that have thread-safe versions in your system, you can
replace the ones used by LuaSocket with the thread-safe ones (man
gethostbyname_r and see what happens). For those that don't, you have to
use a global mutex and lock/unlock around it.

Let me know what you find out.