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On 20-Aug-05, at 9:42 PM, Antero Vipunen wrote:

IMHO the original question was about killing coroutine running in one thread from another.

Perhaps, but that's not how I read it. The original question didn't use the word "thread" and probably I shouldn't have either because it is always confusing.

Then correct answer will be "Original Lua distribution is not thread safe.

I guess that depends on how you define thread-safe. The Lua distribution is thread-safe in the sense that you can freely use two different Lua contexts in different threads. That is, unlike many libraries, it does not use any mutable globals at all and two Lua contexts do not interact with each other. (By the way, the readline library is not threadsafe, but it is only used in the stand-alone Lua interpreter. I think the other libraries used by Lua have threadsafe versions.)

And without modifications root lua_State can be accessed only inside one thread.

Or at least, only inside one thread at a time. :)

I wrote a bunch of stuff about Lua and thread-safety but I really don't think it fits in this thread. So I'll post it separately.