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On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 06:53:31PM +0200, PA wrote:
> You could get a fault. The fault could be a place holder that known how 
> to resolve the relationship.
righty, "a table or userdata with a
nifty metatable providing for all of this"

> local someMovies = aStudio.movies -- returns the fault
> -- when accessed, the fault resolve the query and let you itinerate 
> over the result set 
> for anIndex, aValue in ipairs( someMovies ) then
ah, do we now have a metamethod to fake even ipairs?
what is the semantics?
>     ...
> end
and if ... pleases to sleep or yield or just blow up,
then what? That's the interesting part, no?

you can do all that and it's nice and handy
in toy apps like the nonsense supported by hibernate
but is has got nothing to do with "making a DB roar".

> -- magically issue a select count( * ) if necessary
> local aCount = table.getn( someMovies )
> Etc...
c.f. "Die ich rief, die Geister" by good ole Goethe

> >Anyway, I'd plea to forget the information_schema and instead
> >configure the wrapper in Lua, which will actually be much more
> >portable.
> Care to elaborate on what such "Lua wrapper" would do?
trivially just what you would want to extract from
"the information scheme". your DB will deffo not
translate the constraint text to Lua for you, will it?