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On Aug 14, 2005, at 17:45, Klaus Ripke wrote:

local someMovies = aStudio.movies
much less clear.
what do we get - a table, even for millions of movies?
an iterator ("cursor"), possibly keeping a read lock on
the table for some indeterminate time?
a subquery, allowing for further selection?

You could get a fault. The fault could be a place holder that known how to resolve the relationship.

local someMovies = aStudio.movies -- returns the fault

-- when accessed, the fault resolve the query and let you itinerate over the result set for anIndex, aValue in ipairs( someMovies ) then

-- magically issue a select count( * ) if necessary
local aCount = table.getn( someMovies )


Anyway, I'd plea to forget the information_schema and instead
configure the wrapper in Lua, which will actually be much more

Care to elaborate on what such "Lua wrapper" would do?


PA, Onnay Equitursay