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My name is Michael Wolf, I'm listening to this list for over one year but had nothing to say till now. Please excuse my poor english, its not my motherlanguage and I'm not verry used to write in english. ;-)

I am currently working on a Windows GUI library for lua called luawin.
It's just a relative thin layer above the windows API, so no fancy widges just standard windows controls and forms. My intention is to create a small (under 500k with all standard lua libraries) and fast standalone lua interpreter for Windows.

What currently works is:
*Creating of Windows (dialogs) with varios style settings including Menus
*Single and Multiline Editfields
*Comboboxes (Dropdownboxes)
*Standard Open-, Save- and "Browse for Folder"- Dialogs
*Popup Menus
*Callback Timers
*BMP and JPG Image loading and blitting to Dialogs (Drawing functions are following shortly)
*Filesystem functions (dir, copy mkdir, rmdir, move, delete,...)
*Runtime DLL-Function binding to lua (its not working 100% but i successfully bound some Windows API Functions)

Every control fires to callback functions for mouse and other events.

Its by far not finished and for sure not bugfree but if you are (or somebody else is) interested i can send you the interpreter and some working sample scripts (like an simple editor, a calculator, an image viewer,...)

Michael Wolf

Michael Newberry wrote:


Thank you very much for your reply. I will take a look at both packages you mentioned.


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Subject: Re: Lua -> Windows GUI API available?

Michael Newberry wrote:

We would like to create and interact with Windows objects (frames, dialogs, etc.) from Lua which is imbedded in a Windows MFC app. Is there an API available to do this?

I have searched around and not found anything. But unless my memory is mistaken, I do recall seeing occasional references to such an API in messages in this group in the past.

We are using wxLua. It is a wrapper around the great wxWidgets library. It has the additional feature that it is cross platform. It's only disadvantage is that it is pretty big. If you link with all the features of wxWidgets, you will add around 3.5MB. But this gives you access to ALL the widgets and wxLua allows you to trim down the set used by simply editing a config file.

It is working really well for us...

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