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> McKinley wrote:

> Lua Coroutines for Stateful Web Developement?
> Oi, todo mundo.  I have investigate everything under
> the Kepler project for something that uses coroutines
> to manage state for web applications.  This would be
> in the same sense that
> SISCweb(,
> which uses Scheme and continuations, manages state.
> >From the SISCweb site: "Through the use of
> continuations, SISCweb does away with the page-centric
> execution model typical of web programming. Every time
> a response is sent to the browser, the program
> execution flow is suspended, to be then resumed from
> that exact point when the browser submits a request."
> I'm not looking for something that does it the exact
> same way, but at least something that makes use of
> this unique Lua feature.  Does anyone know of
> anything?

Well, it's indeed a good idea to work with, but outside our scope right now.

It also brings up questions about how those coroutines would be persisted
across user sections. We have found that persisting those coroutines in
multi process launchers would be a nightmare at least. Maybe someone knows
how to do this on a portable way, but I think without such mechanism
available, you'd be forced to use a single process approach (not that this
is such a limiting factor).