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> Vijay Aswadhati wrote:

> 2) Next I changed the port number to 8080 in  conf/xavante/config.lua and
> restarted Xavante. And accessed the site like this:
> 	http://localhost:8080/
> And I get 'The connection was refused when attempting to contact
> localhost:8080' message from FireFox. This is the case for
> pretty much any other port excepting the default (port:80). Is this a
> bug? Or am I missing something with the configuration....

There is a bug on the 1.0 Beta installer so it does not handle correctly the
/conf directory in Windows. This has been fixed and will be available in the
next Kepler release.

> Just curious here - does Xavante run as a Windows service or is the Tray
> pretty much the server application?

It is not a Windows service (yet, help anyone?), it just uses
XAVANTE_ISFINISHED (a function that interacts with the tray app) to
start/stop the server itself.