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I apologize for not answering this before, but here we go:

> Romulo Bahiense wrote
> > there has been some discussions about how to make the statusline visible
> > CGILua.  the main obstacle is that we don't want to add Xavante-only
> > to the API.
> How about the way PHP handles it? PHP has a 'header' function, which
> receives a string as param. If that strings starts with
> 'HTTP/', then it set the response status line, otherwise 'header' will add
> that param as an ordinary header.

The next version of CGILua will allow the use of a "status" function, but we
are now checking how this would be implemented in the various launchers
(mod_lua is our main concern).

We prefer to have two different functions, one for the status line and one
for the headers. And when it comes to buffering, each launcher will be free
to implement it.

With this new function the users can send redirects or any other HTTP status

Thanks for the feedback

André Carregal