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Excellent initiative, Matt! 

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[] On Behalf Of Matthew M.
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 6:20 PM
Subject: Re: Lua Cookbook and Language Shootout and Lua Quiz

Ok, I know I still haven't posted the instant messaging stuff to Lua
Forge like I told folks at the workshop I would.  I'll get it up there
_real soon now_ (TM), I promise.  And so you might say finish a project
before you start another one.  And you'd probably be justified in saying
that.  Nevertheless.....

I've started working putting together a Lua entry for http://  and I'm working on getting better Lua entries up
on the Language Shootout page (
great/index.php) and I've started putting together a weekly-ish Lua quiz
along the lines of the Ruby quiz (

Any help, contributions, etc. are greatly appreciated.  And since
avoiding public humiliation is a great motivator, I promise to have a
new website with an initial version of this stuff up and running by next


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