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On 8/4/05, Javier Guerra <> wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 August 2005 3:11 am, Mukhsein Johari wrote:

> export LUA_PATH="/usr/share/lua/?.lua;/usr/share/lua/?/?.lua;?.lua"
> export LUA_CPATH="/usr/share/lua/?.so;/usr/share/lua/?/?.so;?.so"
> cd ~javier/Development/lua/xavante/src
> lua xavante_start.lua
> when server.lua does a
> require("xavante.config")
> the "?.lua" part of $LUA_PATH will match with
> "~javier/Development/lua/xavante/src/xavante/config.lua" note that i don't
> use any 'systemwide' path, the whole xavante is inside my home dir.
> you can do something similar, either with a whole copy of Xavante for each
> developer, or making sure there isn't any "xavante/config.lua" on the
> systemwide directories but there's one in the working directory of each
> Xavante instance.  

> or, maybe setting different $LUA_PATHs; or changing the
> order of the paths, so that 'local' configs override the 'system' configs

Thanks, I guess I don't fully understand the path searching thing. For
some reason, I always thought that any local lua files would simply
overide the system versions. eg. the following env var:


Means that even if there's a local version  ./mymodule.lua, it won't
overide the systemwide /usr/local/share/lua/5.0/mymodule.lua (if it
existed). Is this correct?

Hmm...I think I'll do it the way you do it. Seems more straight forward. Cheers.