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On Wednesday 03 August 2005 3:11 am, Mukhsein Johari wrote:
> original source files. Well, this is so that any problems experienced
> by the developers can be localized to individual developer's configs
> (we might want to experiment with rulesets, for example) without
> affecting the production xavante (on port 80,
> webdir:/usr/local/kepler/web) or any other developer's running
> instance.

since you want to have several experimental servers, then certainly the best 
way to do it is having several separate processes.

i don't know if the windows executable can be launched several times; but it's 
really not needed.  Xavante is really pure Lua; i always launch it as

export LUA_PATH="/usr/share/lua/?.lua;/usr/share/lua/?/?.lua;?.lua"
export LUA_CPATH="/usr/share/lua/?.so;/usr/share/lua/?/?.so;?.so"
cd ~javier/Development/lua/xavante/src
lua xavante_start.lua

when server.lua does a 


the "?.lua" part of $LUA_PATH will match with 
"~javier/Development/lua/xavante/src/xavante/config.lua" note that i don't 
use any 'systemwide' path, the whole xavante is inside my home dir.

you can do something similar, either with a whole copy of Xavante for each 
developer, or making sure there isn't any "xavante/config.lua" on the 
systemwide directories but there's one in the working directory of each 
Xavante instance.  or, maybe setting different $LUA_PATHs; or changing the 
order of the paths, so that 'local' configs override the 'system' configs

all this is much easier to manage calling lua from the command line instead of 
using the windows launcher, but maybe there's a way in windows to set a 
different $LUA_PATH for each instance?

> > there's no 'config dir';
> Uhm...I'm a bit confused now. In the config (not config.lua file):
> -------------------
> # System's executables directory (where binary or script executables
> are installed)
> BIN_DIR= /usr/local/bin
> XAVANTE_HOME= /usr/local/kepler

those variables are set, but never used.  (apart from $XAVANTE_WEB; and that 
only to later get it via xavante.webdir() in config.lua)

> using it's own "start_server.lua" so that I can avoid editing any of
> the original source files (in their original locations). I'd only need
> to copy the /usr/local/kepler tree to my home dir and edit the copies
> of kepler/conf/config.lua and start_server.lua

you could change LUA_PATH from each start_server.lua file, to make each find a 
different config.lua


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