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Shaun wrote:
Out of interest, if I'm planning on deploying LUA embedded in an app of mine in the next couple of months would I be best using work6 and updating my tree when it's next upgraded or sticking with stable?

It's hard to answer that for someone else.  5.1 has more groovy
stuff, but 5.0 is likely stabler (in all senses).  For the domain
I use Lua in, certain features of 5.1 make it a better choice
than 5.0 even given the increased risk of 5.1 (hopefully any
real-world problems with developing against 5.1 get shaken out in
everyday development testing).  Personally I'd recommend anyone
developing something which is not likely to ship for about six
months, to work against 5.1workX+ in any case.

Adam D. Moss   -