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It's also cheaper to use new local variables each time than
to reuse them.
  local _,_,a,b = string.find(...)
  if a then ... end
  local _,_,c = string.find(...)
  if c then ... end

I didn't know that it's better to redeclare them instead of just reusing. I wonder if it is valid for chunks too:

while <condition> do
  local _,_,a,b = string.find(...)

local _,a,b
while <condition> do
  _,_,a,b = string.find(...)

	According to you, the first is better than the second, right?

Don't be ashamed of those '_' variables. It's a Lua idiom,
no more, no less.
I don't. I also use it very often, but I had to show him possible alternatives :)

... so that's how select() was born.
	I also remember that discussion ;)

Thanks for the tips,