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Bernardo Signori wrote:
> I've built lua 5.1-work6 under cygwin and I'm playing with the new
> package functionality. I found this behaviour: if I call
> require("anything") and the package can't be found, I get the
> corresponding "package 'anything' not found" error; but if I
> immediately call require("anything") again, this time I don't get any
> error, although the package isn't loaded, of course. It seems like
> package.loaded["anything"] is set to true the first time, even if the
> package can't be found. Is this a bug or something wrong with my
> installation?

More a misfeature than a bug. Patch for this one below.

But this still doesn't cover the case where a module loads,
but the main chunk throws an error. No easy solution here
(using pcall in require would clear the (useful) backtrace).


--- lua-5.1-work6/src/loadlib.c	2005-05-17 21:49:15 +0200
+++ lua51w6-cumulative/src/loadlib.c	2005-08-02 13:04:15 +0200
@@ -383,8 +383,10 @@
     luaL_error(L, LUA_QL("package.loaders") " must be a table");
   for (i=1;; i++) {
     lua_rawgeti(L, -1, i);  /* get a loader */
-    if (lua_isnil(L, -1))
+    if (lua_isnil(L, -1)) {
+      lua_setfield(L, 2, name);  /* _LOADED[name] = nil */
       return luaL_error(L, "package " LUA_QS " not found", name);
+    }
     lua_pushstring(L, name);
     lua_call(L, 1, 1);  /* call it */
     if (lua_isnil(L, -1)) lua_pop(L, 1);