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David Burgess wrote:
> I would have serached except the serach function on the list
> seems to have stopped working.

I dunno, it seems to work 'a bit'. I asked a few weeks ago,
but nobody came to the rescue. Recreating the index would
probably do ...

But while we are at the subject of 51w6 fixes: I'm maintaining
a cumulative patch to keep track of all known issues for 51w6.
I've been doing this mainly for myself. But if there is sufficient
interest, I could post it whenever something new comes up on
the list (it's ~130 lines right now).

But I really don't want to collide with the Lua authors' release
cycles. OTOH it might be easier for them, because there is no
pressing need to jump to a next work version just for some
recurring bug. Opinions anyone?