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Hi guys,

This might be a bit off topic for this list, but since I cant find
anyone else to ask I'll give it a try.

Our product is now powered by LUA (, we have
written our own IDE so our customers can extend our product with LUA
scripts. We have also developed our own API since we have special
requirements (for example we cant use standard lua sockets).

Here is an image from our IDE (V1.0 beta)

I wonder if there is its required to register our product as using LUA
anywhere ?

We also read the license agreement top to bottom and I pretty sure we
are compliant (we have the LUA license/copyright notice everywhere
where its applicable and we include several links back to

Just want to make sure everything is in order before going live with
the first beta version including LUA.

Best Regards,
Robert Aronsson, Intellipool AB