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Adriano Ferreira wrote:


This certification seeks to provide the Lua community
with an up-to-date, platform-neutral, vendor-neutral certification ad
ministered in a secure proctored environment.
(I have nothing to do with that company - just a opinion on the matter)

I don't feel that a certification is all bad.

I have been in the position where I had to hire Lua-programmers and that a pretty though job. It will ease the scanning/selection process. Cause if people arent "live" on lua-L / LuaForge / they arent really easy to get a reference on.

On another product that we are using we offen "give" the certification as a bonus - "When you are finished this project, you should be able to certify yourself in XXXX".

But a certification should of cause be " approved" - both the test and the company behind.

And a little rant on your "supported by a community of high-skilled developers" - Fine, but when Lua is a integrated part of your companys development structure you should not have to depend on work of voulenters - thats not a healty business-model. I do not want my company to mis-use the free software development for our own evil schemes (Being able to pay my bills).

So unless you are saying that we cannot use Lua to earn money I cannot understand your position.