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Ulrich Dziergwa wrote:

Ulrich Dziergwa wrote:

Hello to the list,

I try to cross compile lua and got a problem. Let me explain what I have done:

I want to use lua together with luasocket on an embedded PowerPc (a PPC405). There is Linux (2.4.18) running with busybox and uClibc. To make testing easier, I have a similar environment on an Intel system with a cross gcc for uClibc. After crafting (and testing) some lua scripts with the use of luasocket, I changed the lua makefile in putting a $(CROSS) before all tools. I also change the number representation to long, because the PPC405 has no FPU. Then I build a new lua propper for i386 and uClibc. I tested it with the examples (life, sieve ..) and it works. Now I changed the luasocket makefile in the same way. Everything compiles ok. But when I try to start my application, I got the following message

ulli@asterix:/home/luatest > ./lua testapp.lua
./lua: symbol 'luaL_checknumber': can't resolve symbol '@M'

. a lot more messages like this follow

./lua: symbol 'lua_settop': can't resolve symbol '@M'
./lua: compat-5.1.lua:68: Unable to resolve symbol
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function `assert'
        compat-5.1.lua:68: in function `require'
        socket.lua:13: in function `f'
        compat-5.1.lua:79: in function `require'
        sipsrv.lua:237: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Can anybody give me a hint what the problem might be

Thanks Ulrich Dziergwa

Not really sure what the @M is a result of but in any case
you won't get luasocket to work like this with an integer number
type without work.
It assumes that the lua number type is double and uses
it to represent timeouts in seconds so 1ms becomes 0.001.
With an integer type all timeouts < 1s become 0 and lots of things don't work. It looks like a reasonably easy job to fix this and I was about to start on
the project next week but if you get a headstart and publish your
results then I wouldn't be too upset ;-).



sorry for my late answer, but i don't see my messages and the answer on the list, just found it in the archiv.

Thank for the hint with number and integer, but this might be a second Problem. To rule out problems with the my buildsystem, i installed the newest buildroot-system for i386 from the uClibc site (this is a native uClibc system with compiler and binutils). After chroot in this system, i can build lua 5.1w6 out of the box (i don't have changed the number format) and run all tests. Luasocket can be build too. But both tother give the following error:

/usr/local/bin/lua: error loading package 'socket' (Unable to resolve symbol)
stack traceback:
        [C]: ?
        [C]: in function 'require'
        ./testapp.lua:239: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

for me it looks like a problem with the lua require and the uClibc dynamic loader. As a quick fix, is there a possibility to link luasocket with lua like the base or string library?

This is almost certainly the case. Luasocket was a little difficult to get to link statically because it imports the lua and C functions into the same namespace "socket" and the new require uses the presence of the global "socket" to signal that the module is loaded. This means that loading the C part of luasocket first blocks the loading of the lua part. I patched luasocket with the attached patch
which loads the C code into the "lsocket" namespace and then when the lua
code is "required" a socket.x is created for each lsocket.x ( and the same for mime. )

Once the patch is applied you can add your modules to the list in lua.c by defining
LUA_EXTRALIBS to something like

{"lsocket", luaopen_lsocket},
{"lmime", luaopen_lmime},

and then linking your statically compiled lua socket library to the lua library.

--- luasocket.c.orig	Mon May  9 22:44:50 2005
+++ luasocket.c	Mon May  9 22:45:11 2005
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
 static int base_open(lua_State *L) {
     if (sock_open()) {
         /* export functions (and leave namespace table on top of stack) */
-        luaL_module(L, "socket", func, 0);
+        luaL_module(L, "lsocket", func, 0);
         lua_pushstring(L, "DEBUG");
         lua_pushboolean(L, 1);
--- mime.c.orig	Tue May 10 15:51:11 2005
+++ mime.c	Tue May 10 15:41:23 2005
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
 MIME_API int luaopen_lmime(lua_State *L)
-    luaL_module(L, "mime", func, 0);
+    luaL_module(L, "lmime", func, 0);
     /* initialize lookup tables */
     qpsetup(qpclass, qpunbase);
diff -ru x/lua/mime.lua luasocket-2.0-beta3/lua/mime.lua
--- lua/mime.lua	Sat Jan 15 23:52:38 2005
+++ lua/mime.lua	Tue May 10 16:26:44 2005
@@ -10,9 +10,17 @@
 local base = require("base")
 local ltn12 = require("ltn12")
-local mime = require("lmime")
+mime.unqp = lmime.unqp
+mime.eol = lmime.eol
+mime.unb64 = lmime.unb64
+mime.wrp = lmime.wrp =
+mime.b64 = lmime.b64
+mime.qpwrp = lmime.qpwrp
+mime.qp = lmime.qp
 -- encode, decode and wrap algorithm tables
 mime.encodet = {}
 mime.decodet = {}
diff -ru x/lua/socket.lua luasocket-2.0-beta3/lua/socket.lua
--- lua/socket.lua	Sat Jan 15 23:52:38 2005
+++ lua/socket.lua	Tue May 10 16:26:53 2005
@@ -10,9 +10,19 @@
 local base = require("base")
 local string = require("string")
 local math = require("math")
-local socket = require("lsocket")
+-- Expose c functions through the socket library
+socket.protect = lsocket.protect
+socket.dns = lsocket.dns
+socket.gettime = lsocket.gettime
+socket.udp = lsocket.udp
+socket.newtry = lsocket.newtry =
+socket.tcp = lsocket.tcp
+socket.skip = lsocket.skip
+socket.sleep = lsocket.sleep
 -- Auxiliar functions