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Hi folks,

As a newbie to Lua I'm interested to find a good environment to debug my Lua programs so that I can poke around and learn more about how the language works in practice...

I've checked out the Wiki page (relating to addons), downloaded most of the packages and tried them briefly. I did not find anything that works out of the box on windows that provides the basic breakpoint/step/watch functionality I would like...

Did I miss a gem in there somewhere? Can anybody advise me on what to try? How are people debugging their large Lua programs? 

Is there a version independent debugger which can work with different versions of Lua? (Even if it does mean recompiling.)

Alternatively, is it convenient to debug Lua by using something like Visual Studio to step over C calls to the Lua engine and then to examine the Lua state between the lines/chunks (I'm not sure what the unit of execution is)...


BTW: Thanks for making Lua, it's brilliant!