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This Lua tendency of not having deadlines is really refreshing, imho.. I have been thinking about this, why they are called "dead" lines anyhow? Is the code DOA. Often, it is.

Birth would be a much better analogy, and a more positive one for that.

ps. If you had to give an age to Lua (as a person) how much would you grant? 10yrs? boy or girl? 16? ;)

David Burgess kirjoitti 18.5.2005 kello 18.29:

All my wishes at arrive at once.
Many thanks.

On 5/18/05, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:

Here are the main changes since 5.1w5:
- standard distribution in only one library (lualib.a merged into lua.a)
- `loadlib' no longer global (packaged inside `package')
- better luaconf.h
- debug information includes last line of a function definition
- metatables for all types
- new "primitive" getn
- new `mod' (`%') operator
- new math functions
- new operation *t (for size of t)
- new protocol to open standard libraries
- using `require' to implement `-l' in bin/lua

There are probably several other small changes that we forget right now...

All the usual caveats of work versions still apply, including the lack
of documentation and the plea for your feedback.

This is really the last work version before 5.1 (alpha), for which no ETA
currently exists. :-) For that, we have to work on the documentation.