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Mark Hamburg wrote:
on 5/17/05 3:29 PM, Chris Marrin at wrote:

Right, which is why I suggested that userdata be made into an opaque
pointer. That at least makes a programmer using good practice less
likely to do harm. Using this had a phenomenal effect on the performance
of my system, which I why I think it is an important tool for Lua-C

Did this really speed up your system or just your benchmarks of how fast you
could push an object from C++ to Lua? After getting slapped around a bit on
the list for doing essentially what you did, I had to admit that push time
wasn't a major factor in most of my profiling however it was implemented.

I am doing a lot of pushing of the C++ instance so Lua can access it. So yes, this was an accurate test case. I understand that there are workarounds. But all of them seem very C++ programmer unfriendly and we are trying to make it easy on C++ programmers to add objects to the system that are accessible from Lua and vice versa...

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