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Strange things always happen to newbies :)

The following script works fine at my Linux box at office, using Apache and having just uploading lua binary to /cgi-bin directory


print("Content-type: text/html \n\n")
print("<HTML><TITLE>Testing Lua</TITLE><BODY><H1>")

print("This is my first CGI script entirely written in Lua programming language")


The same script just do not work at my ISP server as you can see

I have other scripts written in REBOL that work perfectly using the technique of uploading the binary to the same /cgi-bin directory (since I have no root rights and the administrator refuses to have other languages than Perl, PHP or Python)

Anyway I would like to try CGILua. Do you mind to make it for me. ?

2005/5/17, Tomas <>:
        Hi Carlos,

> Thanks for the reply.
> Since the web server that runs at my ISP is Apache, and there is no Lua
> binaries installed over there, I ask you: if I get CGILua binary compiled by
> someone in this list, is it easy to install it on the server? I mean all I
> have to do is to upload it to the same directory where my scripts will be?
        I don't know exactly the policies of your ISP, but if
you're using another CGI scripts that way, I think it could be done
with CGILua also, using the cgi launcher.  Do you want to try?


Carlos Lorenz