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Rici Lake wrote:

That's a cool idea. You could even stash a reference count in the userdata before the actual object itself, and then let Lua do all the memory management (aside from maintaining the reference count, of course). That would allow a standard memory management regime for both shared objects and objects only referenced by Lua.

I'd use a fully-weak table rather than a weak-valued table; it would have much less impact on gc.

yes, a weak table worked well when I was using it. But it was two table lookups. Seems to me that a lua_pushuserdata() implementation beats all that to death (at least in my test cases so far). And, if you use an opaque handle for the userdata rather than a void*, it can be as type safe as passing around the lua_State.

I have to say that the trick of combining the userdata with the C++ instance data by overriding the new operator in C++ is incredibly cool. Now I have one structure that can be used by both C++ and Lua and lua_pushuserdata() allows it to be totally efficient. Thanks to Ben for that hack!

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