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Rici Lake wrote:

If you don't want to go hacking the Lua core, I have another solution...

You say you're reffing the new userdata anyway; this is going to store a reference in the registry. There's no magic to luaL_ref other than that. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

Instead of using luaL_ref to store a reference in the registry, store your own reference in the registry using a lightuserdata of the this pointer as a key. Then you can push the lua object onto the stack using the this pointer, without breaking the API and without incurring much overhead (since the hash of a lud is essentially the address).

The problem with that is now I would always have a pointer to the userdata and it would never GC, right? When I used my own table to store the lightuserdata key/userdata value pair, I made the values in that table weak so they would get collected properly.

Is there another way to avoid the GC problem?

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