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On 16 may 2005, at 8:11 PM, Romulo Bahiense wrote:

it certainly doesn't look like a bug in Lua code. for me at least, LuaSocket is wonderfully stable; so it might be a compile or link issue.

To resolve the problem I just renamed my lua5.dll and lualib5.dll to liblua.dll and liblualib.dll, respectively.

glad to hear it's ok now :-)

	Now 2 semi-off-topic questions:

1) How does Xavante handle concurrency? eg: One user is uploading a large file and another is browsing a web site hosted by the same http server at the same time?

copas handles several coroutine-based 'threads'. these yield at any netwok I/O long files are not a problem.

2) Would be difficult to implement an async request? e.g.: A very slow request - like a database query returning many records - yelding periodically to not block other requests.

that's far more difficult. the first versions of luahttpd used preemptive multithreading with LuaThreads; but i knew coroutine switching is much faster than thread switching (even under Linux, but the breach is closing), so i wanted to first solve the http serving, and then move to a different structure, using far less threads and more coroutines.

when Andre showed me Copas, i decided to move luahttpd to run with it, eventually that became the main Xavante project. I designed (and even managed to make it work) a weird 'thread under coroutine' that let any handler to spawn a new preemptive thread when needed, but I couldn't make i stable enough. I think there's an issue with LuaThreads, especially between different versions of the Lua core.

Since LuaThreads is a very pervasive addition to Lua (and not a neat module, like LuaSocket), i decided to let it wait and try again when we have a final Lua5.1

I can send you the helper threads code, if you can compile a threads-capable lua core to test it.

in short: i'd love to have that too, but currently Xavante is _very_ fast for small queries (try Sajax!), so it can wait a bit

Would it be too difficult to convince the author(s) of LuaSocket to use the same DLLs from LuaBinaries?

he'll have to answer that himself...