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Yeah, there's a bug on set_call_event, I just don't know where it is :( I 
haven't had much time to investigate it, but I figured since new_local() 
still works, it's not such a big deal.. I guess leaving that out of the 
manual was a bad idea :(

Anyway, this looks interesting, I'll check it out as soo as I can.



On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 07:42:14PM +0200, Peter Kümmel wrote:
> More on a bug in tolua++.
> With above example code there should be two metatables,
> one for A and one for B, each with a different __call
> entry, but there is only ONE table for both classes!
> You can test it with this code, copied into the
> tolua_tv_open function:
> lua_getglobal   (tolua_S, "A");    // tA
> lua_getmetatable(tolua_S,  -1);    // tA mtA
> lua_getglobal   (tolua_S, "B");    // tA mtA tB
> lua_getmetatable(tolua_S,  -1);    // tA mtA tB mtB
> int eq = lua_rawequal(tolua_S, -1, -3);
> Peter