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The patch is not publicly available anywhere, yet. I am using the INT32_PATCH internally in LuaX future versions, but without this mention, who would notice? Anyhow, it seems stable to use.

There's actually a couple of more patches in there, each should be independently on/off settable using following defines:

USE_FLOAT my config for making Lua use float's (affects too many places, still)

INT32_PATCH the thing i mentioned, transparent int storage & optimization
				can be used either with 'double' or 'float' numbers

	ENUM_PATCH	an experimental thing for enumarated types / bitwise ops
				(similar to int32, but they are actually very different in usage.
				 this is not transparent, but an extension)

USE_FIXED interesting --very experimental-- patch to use fixed-point numbers
				instead of float (preferably, in combination with int32 patch).
				This would allow transparent, almost normal Lua behaviour, _without_
using floats (but in the API interface). alternative for total int-only.

I'll be glad to send the patched src/ dir contents to anyone wanting it (did already to you). I am not intending to package it into a dedicated patch format.


31.3.2005 kello 21:38, kirjoitti:

 You might be interested in an int32 patch I did for Lua 5.1 lately.  It
is totally transparent to applications, but stores integers as such
internally.  Thus, it sort-of brings the best of both worlds, you can
have floats, but you don't need to compromise on integer range, or
performance, if you do.

Sounds interesting.  Where is the patch available??