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On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:03:06 -0500, Javier Guerra <> wrote:
> Quoting Mukhsein Johari <>:
> > Now I'm stumped. What do I do now?
> since you changed some require("xxx.yyy") to require("yyy"), i think most of
> your troubles come from the exact layout of the libraries directories.
> do you have a LUA_PATH environment variable?
> what platform are you using?

(hopefully, this answer's Tomas' question as well)

OK. Sorry about the lack of info. Here is part of my .profile

export LUA_HOME=/usr/local
export LUA_INIT="@$LUA_HOME/share/lua/5.0/compat-5.1.lua"
export LUA_PATH="$LUA_HOME/share/lua/5.0/?.lua;?.lua"
export LUA_CPATH="$LUA_HOME/lib/lua/5.0/?.so;?.so"

I followed the install insructions as best I could.

I'm on slackware linux 10.0

I'm quite sure I installed compat-5.1 correctly since most of the
errors actually are from compat-5.1.

> most of the 'many modules' libraries (like socket) like to be put on a subdir in
> the LUA_PATH library dir.

Again, I only followed the install instructions for those libraries.
make install is the one that placed the files.

> for example: the url library is used with require("socket.url") because the url
> library is inside a 'socket' subdir.  this also makes the 'url' namespace to be
> registered inside the 'socket' namespace.

Yes, I thought of that. I'm actually going to wipe and re-install the
libs (core lua works out of the box)
> it's better to setup your libraries as the code requires it, and not to rewrite
> it to adapt to your directories.
> if you don't want to move around your libraries, you can also put symlinks to
> where the app wants it.

Believe me, I would really rather *not* have to rewrite stuff. 
Especially in library files.  I don't think I'm good enough to do it
right (evidently).

But like I said, I installed all of it using the install instructions
included with those libs. What else could I do?

If I may make a suggestion, it would be great if all the core keppler
libs came in one package (tarball) with a central makefile (like how
say, projects like xfce do it).  Keppler could be released as
"releases", say - and list the versions of the components included.

Keppler Release 1.0B (in one tarball: keppler-1.0b.tar.gz)
Xavante 1.1B
Copas 1.0B
LuaFS 1.0
CGILua 5.0B
VEnv 1.0

And then the rest of the non-core keppler libs can be added on as needed.

That way, the make and make install would be able to install it all as
intended by the developers.