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Wow, that's a lot of information... We will read carefully your message, thanks for all the points.

This is the first version of the binaries and this kind of feedback is extremely important for us.

Oh and BTW ... about the list of systems the binaries are built for:
I doubt the Linux kernel version is relevant. What really matters is
the libc version. And, err ... Motif? This is not present on most modern
distributions (unless you explicitly install it) and the Lua core doesn't
link with it. I guess this is for IUP?

Yes, just cut and paste from the Tecmake page. I will remove the Motif part to avoid misunderstanding.

And you are right about the glibc. But we use the kernel as a reference of the Linux distribution. We use Red Hat as the reference distribution, that defines the Kernel, the gcc and the glibc installed. So usually "uname -a" gives all the information I need for our naming convention, the exception is RH 7.3 that we wasted the name Linux24, and we had to add a g3 suffix for the next version. But in Fedora the name got back on track. And "uname -a" it is easier to use among several systems.

Most of these names are inherited from the internal Tecgraf distribution. I will add a comment about how they were created at the LuaBinaries page.

Anyway, I welcome the effort to standardize on some binary distribution
conventions for Lua. This is much needed. Thank you for your work!