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At 20:04 27/3/2005, R. Frazier wrote:
For example, if you do a search for the function iuplua_dofile(), there are absolutely
no example references found.

This is just an auxiliary function used only to improve error report. You could use lua_dofile.

And you do have examples, but these are examples on the C coding side. I could not find any examples how to initialize and load a scripted IUP file using Lua 5.0.2. I would like to see docs on how to initialize a scripted IUP file using Lua 5.0.2, using the function iuplua_dofile(). I would like to see comments for each line,
explaining why it is needed, and explaining why the order of initialization is
important.  I'm really interested in the big picture.

There is no comments because we though they are very straightforward. I mean IUP and Lua initialization can be done in any order, EXCEPT IupLua initialization that must be after Lua and IUP initialization. The additional controls follows the same rules, it must be initialized after IUP, so there is one initialization after IupOpen and one after iuplua_open. That's it.

But you are right, there is no C example for this as there are for the other examples. I just added one for Lua 3 and one for Lua 5. You can download them from the online pages.