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While I was trying to install "gluas" - the plugin for gimp
( I came across a problem
in configure - it reports lua-config is missing:
checking for lua-config... no
checking for lua-config50... no
checking for lua-config5.0... no
I don't have it anywhere in my system, I searched the web back and
forth (twice) and cannot find this script...I just managed to find
some info about it, but not the real thing. Is it obsolete or
Any pointers (as where to get it from or what else to do) would be much
As I understand it similar to pkg-config from gtk, so it seems easy
stuff. But where is it?
BTW, I run gentoo and emerged "lua" (which got me luac and lualib but no
lua-config). I've also downloaded the sources and compiled manually,
but..still no lua-config.