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I'm trying to get Lua properly installed using either 5.0.2 or 5.1
(i.e. whatever works) on my MacOS X box. Having spent a fair amount of
time on this, I've basically come down to this problem: a number of
functions have no defined symbols, so when I try to make my project, I
get this:
% make
g++ -g -Wall -pedantic -L/usr/local/lib -framework Cocoa -o test
main.o qux.o tolua_test.o -ltolua++ -llua -llualib
ld: Undefined symbols:
luaL_loadfile(lua_State*, char const*)
lua_pcall(lua_State*, int, int, int)
make: *** [test] Error 1

This happens with 5.0.2 and with 5.1; of course, with 5.1 I have to
comment out the "DL=..." line in the Makefile, as suggested by someone
in an earlier thread. I've done some digging in liblua.a and
liblualib.a, and I've discovered that the functions above don't exist
(though functions like _lua_open, _lua_close, and so on do). What's
going on here? What should I change to get my program to compile?

I appreciate any advice you have. 

-Chris "Derakon" Weisiger