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I wrote a Lua language binding for Dazuko (background: Dazuko can
monitor and intercept file system operations, currently runs on
several UNIX systems and typically gets used for antivirus software
and activity loggers; see for more

To learn how to build a language binding I used the online doc as well
as had a look at the math lib to see how building a plugin works
(exporting routines from C to Lua, getting parameters from the stack,
checking and evaluating them, returning results to the caller, the
general layout of a plugin).

My question is now: can I use a BSD style license for the Dazuko
language binding after grasping concepts from a Lua lib?  I guess I
can, since your license is quite open and friendly.  But I better ask
to be sure.

You can get the code from -> Downloads -> get
the dazuko-2.1.0-birthday.tar.gz package.  See the example_lua
directory and the README in it.

And of course I would be happy to receive feedback on where I did miss
something or made a mistake in the plugin.  There are still hacks
which might need to get improved (better encapsulating internals,
using a user data container, attaching to the GC, adding consistency
checks and safety belts, expanding and improving the Makefile, adding
documentation, and the like).

virtually yours                                     Gerhard Sittig
pgp fingerprint AF29 3CD2 A531 F5A8 5F42  CB9A 1B7F 59F8 BA7A 9EE5